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portrait photographer, dog mom,
pinot grigio lover, greys anatomy addict.

i love photography. it's that simple.
as long as i can remember, i always had a camera in hand. i was the official photographer of every family gathering and social event i attended. in high school, i was on the field shooting football games, in the stands with my camera during pep rallies, and taking my friends senior portraits on the weekends. in college, i fell in love with the darkroom and spent two years with a film camera in my hand. over the last five years, i have been working as a headshot photographer for two of the top studios in washington, dc. i've combined that professional experience with my desire to connect with people which has helped me grow my business as a lifestyle and portrait photographer, and to provide clients with a valuable experience as well as a fun memory. i know that many people don't like to have their photo taken, and i always tell them the best thing to do is come to an expert! i have extensive knowledge of posing, lighting, composition, but i also make sure that every person that steps in front of my lens is comfortable and relaxed, and i don't stop until we have captured the real you.

This is Saint! He is my rescued beagle mix. I recently learned that he is actually mixed with a St. Bernard.... Yikes. He is six months old, as sweet as can be, and is growing by the day. You wouldn't believe how many photos of him I take on a daily basis.
You can follow him on instagram @Saint_Robbins

a few of my favorite things:

•bubble baths
•taylor swift
•gluten free options
•baltimore ravens
•country concerts
•new tennis balls
•red lipstick
•dance parties
•snowman pajamas


Oliver is my perfect little nephew, and he takes up even more space on my camera roll. He is also six months old, and smiles all the time now. I'm only a little worried he won't recognize me when he grows up because I always have a camera in front of my face when I look at him.


it's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.

i am also a very devoted aunt and dog mom.

advice from a sunflower:

be sunny, bright, and positive.
spread seeds of happiness.
rise, shine, and hold your head up high.


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